On-Campus Education Program: Education4Life

The children and young adults of Wilmer Hall participate in tutoring sessions on school day afternoons under the supervision of our Education Coordinator, Eugene McCall. The goal is for each student to reach their full academic potential.

We have established close relationships with the administrators and faculty of the schools our children attend. This allows us to monitor their individual progress as well as develop specific tutoring plans for each student.

Student volunteers from Spring Hill College and the University of South Alabama work one-on-one with the children to assist with homework, projects, and papers. Attention is given to skill-building and strengthening areas of academic weakness. Our goal is for each young person to have a positive scholastic experience.

We have had a 100% high school graduation rate in the 10 years since its inception. Most graduates continue their education with post-secondary coursework.

Community-Based Education Programs

With the success of Education4Life, we have been able to apply this same model at four area middle schools, creating our Community-Based Education Program. 

The Philippa Stirling Hamilton Education Center opened in August 2017 at Williamson Prep Academy in the Maysville community.

The Max Miller Education Program opened in January 2018 as a partnership with Spring Hill College’s Albert S. Foley, SJ Community Service Center to work in the following schools: Parker Pillans Middle School, Williamson Middle School grades and the Mobile County Training School. Tutoring in all subjects is provided by Spring Hill College students.