Life at Wilmer Hall

Wilmer Hall Children's Home is a non-profit faith-based organization that has been serving young people in need in Mobile, Alabama since 1864. Wilmer Hall serves children and young adults through several programs that provide tutoring, on-campus living, and other tools needed to succeed. Wilmer Hall currently has four programs: The Transitional Living Program, the Transitional Family Program, the on-campus after-school education program (called Education4Life), and the Community-Based Education Program. 

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Our Mission

The mission of Wilmer Hall Children’s Home is to provide a safe home for children and young adults in need due to poverty, abuse, neglect, and homelessness. We serve all children and young adults without regard to race, ethnicity, or religion.

Wilmer Hall extends warm and nurturing care to every child and young adult in its care, ensuring they are surrounded by people who love and support them. Our goal is to help young people succeed in four areas: physical health, emotional stability, academic achievement, and spiritual maturity.

Wilmer Hall serves children and young adults through four programs: the Transitional Living Program, the Transitional Family Program, the on-campus Education Program, and the Community-Based Education Program and our delivery-based food pantry.

How we got here ...

For over 159 years, Wilmer Hall has been helping at risk youth in our community.  See how we have evolved over the years.

Current Core Programs Founded

In 2007, the Transitional Living Program began, serving young adults who have been homeless, at risk of being homeless or living in an unhealthy or unsafe home.

In 2009, Education4Life began on-campus tutoring for school children from around the community who are in need of academic support.

In 2014, the Transitional Family Program began serving young mothers and their children who have been homeless, at risk of being homeless or living in an unhealthy or unsafe home.

In 2017, using Education4Life's successful model, we began tutoring programs in schools around the community to form the Community-Based Education Program.

In 2019, Wilmer Hall founded a delivery-based Food Pantry, serving food insecure individuals and families in the community.

Wilmer Hall Children's Home

In 1948, by a vote at the Diocesan Convention for the Diocese of Alabama, the Church Home's name was formally changed to Wilmer Hall Children's Home in memory of Bishop Wilmer.

Move to Spring Hill

In March of 1916, the home was moved to Spring Hill in Mobile. The first four buildings were designed in a Tudor style and housed the children as well as the deaconesses who cared for them. 


In 1864, Bishop Richard Hooker Wilmer of the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama founded The Church Home for Orphans in Tuscaloosa to care for orphans and widows who were victims of war, poverty, and disease.  The Church Home moved to downtown Mobile in 1866.  

Learning at Wilmer Hall

The children and young adults of Wilmer Hall participate in tutoring sessions on school day afternoons under the supervision of our Education Coordinator, Eugene McCall. The goal is for each student to reach their full academic potential.

We have established close relationships with the administrators and faculty of the schools our children attend. This allows us to monitor their individual progress as well as develop specific tutoring plans for each student.

With the success of Education4Life, we have been able to apply this same model at four area middle schools, creating our Community-Based Education Program.

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