Remembering Kyser Miree

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Each year, Ben Miree, Kyser’s father, gives a few remarks at the Kyser Miree Memorial Fishing Tournament weigh-in party. He usually tells a memorable story about Kyser and offers some words of support for Wilmer Hall Children’s Home. We are thrilled to host the 10th annual tournament this year, but due to current social distancing guidelines, we won’t be able to host a captain’s or weigh-in party. Below are Ben’s reflections for this year. Thanks very much for your support the last 10 years as we continue to honor and cherish Kyser’s memory in support of Wilmer Hall.

~ Pratt Paterson, Tournament Director

A Note of Gratitude

From Kyser’s Dad

We have had to learn to live as faithfully and as authentically with Kyser gone as we tried to do with him present. How do we do that? What does it mean? It means not forgetting him. It means speaking of him. It means remembering him. Remembrance is one of the most profound elements of our being. As our faith reminds us, “Do this in remembrance . . .” If Kyser’s life was a gift, surely then we are to remember him – to resist amnesia, to renounce oblivion.

Isn’t that the way we might think about Kyser’s legacy? There are vital things we want to happen, to preserve, to prevail, to thrive, to matter. But why? Why, even after the body turns lifeless would we wish so deeply, even so intensely, for our hopes and convictions to indeed live on? There’s no mystery in the answer: Because we wish those meaningful memories, vital traditions, fundamental influences to be enjoyed by and to benefit those who follow us. Indeed, they will be profoundly enjoyed by and for the benefit of those bright young kids who are unknown to us, but who might pursue a better life because of the Wilmer Hall Children’s Home.

There could not be a more appropriate way to honor the memory of the young man who came to Mobile as leader, avid outdoorsman and good guy to bend an elbow with. This tenth year of the Kyser Miree Memorial Fishing Tournament is just such an honor. He came intent as he was on nurturing things that were special, unique, and lasting. Isn’t that the essence of a legacy? Lasting things are supposed to . . . well, last, just as Wilmer Hall has done for the past 156 years.

I can’t tell you how grateful we are for this fishing tournament that bears his name. It is gratifying beyond words, and indispensable to his memory. On those rare nights when sleep is not so elusive, I go to bed counting my blessings. One of them is for the 23 years that Kyser was with us. Another is to know that he still has so many friends in Mobile who remember him. Your kindness is deeply appreciated, only a bit less than is your enduring friendship. We are grateful for that, the support of Wilmer Hall through this fishing tournament, and all you have done to honor the memory of the smartest, the funniest, the most genuine and the most altogether admirable young man that many of us have ever known.

~ Ben K. Miree

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