Rules & Guidelines

2022 Kyser Miree Fishing Tournament

  1. All fish submitted for weigh-in will be subject to freshness testing by the weighmaster’s inspection. Failing the Weighmaster’s inspection of the submitted fish will be grounds for disqualification of the angler who turned in the fish and possibly other members of the angler’s boat. All decisions made by the Tournament Chairman and Tournament Committee are final.
  2. If an angler is caught cheating or there is a reasonable suspicion that an angler has cheated, the angler will be banned from participating in any subsequent Kyser Miree Memorial Fishing Tournament. The Tournament also reserves the right to inform other tournaments of said cheating and will display a list of banned anglers on the Tournament website.
  3. The Tournament begins at 6:00am Saturday June 4 , 2022. Anglers may launch and fish anywhere, but must weigh fish at either of the official weigh stations. The official weigh stations are located at:
    1. Mobile Big Game Fishing Club in Orange Beach
    2. Dauphin Island Site: Pelican Pub
  4. All persons present on a boat during the Tournament must have a valid ticket to avoid disqualification of all anglers on the boat.
  5. Protests of any nature must be presented in writing to the Tournament Chairman no later than 5:30pm Saturday June 4, 2021 at either of the official weigh stations.
  6. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the tournament due to weather, oil spills, or other related interruptions.
  7. The Tournament Chairman will use his time as the official tournament time.
  8. The decision of the Tournament Chairman and Committee shall be final in all matters.
  9. Any person acting in an unsportsmanlike manner may be subject to disqualification.
  10. Any matter not specifically covered by these rules may be decided by and at the sole discretion of the Tournament Chairman and Committee. All decisions shall be final.
  11. One four hour period without a small-craft advisory issued by the National Weather Service constitutes a tournament. If not, the Tournament Chairman and Committee reserve the right to reschedule the tournament.
  12. All participants agree to abide by all state and federal laws and regulations regarding licensing, fish size limits, fish bag limits, permits, etc.
  13. All fish must be caught by hook and line.
  14. Wilmer Hall, The Mobile Big Game Fishing Club, Orange Beach Marina, the Tournament Chairman, the Tournament Committee, and all other parties associated with the tournament shall not be held liable for any bodily injury or damage to personal property before, during, or after the tournament.
  15. All tournament tickets must be purchased by 11:59pm Friday June 3, 2022. Tournament tickets cost $40 per angler for Adults and $20 per angler for children 12 and Under.
  16. All fish must be weighed in at the tournament scales by 5:00pm Saturday June 4, 2022 to be considered for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.
  17. Anglers in line at 5:00 at either official weigh station will be allowed to weigh their fish.
  18. To be eligible to participate in the Kids Categories, anglers must be no older than 12 years old. 12 year olds are eligible to participate in the Kids Categories as long as they have not had their 13th birthday as of June 4, 2022.
  19. Master Angler and Junior Master Angler awards will be given. Both Master Angler and Junior Master Angler awards will be given based on a points system. The points system will be calculated as follows:
    1. 3 points for 1st place finish in a category, 2 points for 2nd place finish in a category, 1 point for 3rd place finish in a category.
    2. The angler (1 adult and 1 child) with the most points based on Rule 19-A will be awarded the Master Angler award and the Junior Master Angler award respectively.
    3. If there is a tie for Master Angler or Junior Master Angler, the tiebreaker shall be the angler who weighed in a fish first according to the official weigh station record books for both weigh stations.
  20. The Tournament Chair and Committee reserve the right to make changes to these rules up until the day before the Tournament.
  21. All Redfish and Speckled Trout must be “in the slot” to be entered. No oversized fish allowed
  22. Each angler may only place in once per species category